1. Labels. I love seeing labels on jars, shelves, bottles, cables – anything!
  2. Uniform Containers. Currently I have a set of glass canisters as well as a set of Tupperware and I love them to bits. Every time I open my pantry I get a rush of happiness from how neat everything looks.
  3. The Color Spectrum. All my clothes and stationery are organized by color. It gives me great joy to look at them.
  4. An Empty Shelf. Or tabletop. Or fridge. Just blank spaces in general.
  5. Cotton Roll Dispenser. It’s a rectangular box that has a drawer at the bottom. When you want cotton roll, you open the drawer and cotton rolls roll out. Probably one of the few things that keep me happy in dentistry.
  6. Monograms. Can’t get enough of them! Nothing gives me a bigger kick than seeing my things monogrammed with my initials. Makes them feel way more personal.
  7. A perfectly made bed